That China Girl

{May 29, 2011}   Crushing

I promised I’d write more about you know who.  We’ll call him TC (too cute) just to be random.   I don’t want to put names in here for obvious reasons.  I haven’t told anyone at my new school about this blog and I want to keep it that way.

Anyhow, TC is this amazing guy.  He’s from a Scandinavian country so he’s also got this incredible accent.  Sometimes I can’t even understand him.  He has blonde hair, but thick, and he wears it spikey in the front.  His eyes are this almost metallic light blue, and he stares so hard at me when we’re talking that it’s difficult to look away.   He also looks super athletic with broad shoulders, and these really strong arms, but lean.  He says he skied a lot at home and I believe it.   

It’s still really surprising to me that we hang out at all.  I mean, the first time I saw him he was driving my friend CC home on a motorcycle, then kissing her goodbye.   That was when I was new and didn’t know anybody.  Then CC had a party and she seemed to be flirting more with this Australian guy, Lachlan.  And when we all  drove into the countryside later on motorcycles, she immediately got on Lachlan’s bike and said I should go with TC.   I still thought we were just friends, but at the end of the night he kissed me and said he’d see me again.  I can’t remember what CC and Lachlan were doing. 

While we were riding we were listening to this song by Evanescence, “Wake Me Up Inside,” and whenever I play it, I can’t stop thinking about him.

CC’s hard to figure out.  All the guys flock around her at school and she seems to like them.  But some days she gets into these snits, where they’re all tiptoeing around her like they’ve done something wrong.   I’ve seen TC having what looked like serious conversations with her when she gets all moody.  He says, that’s just CC and when she gets like that she just wants extra attention.   

I don’t care, as long as she doesn’t decide to want him.  He hasn’t kissed me again, but I feel like he wants to.  When we all hang out in a group and I’m sitting near him, there’s this real tension.  And he always wants me to ride with him.  Mom says most guys are really fast, so I’m lucky that he wants to take it slow.  I don’t know, cuz sometimes when I’m near him I feel like I’ll melt if he doesn’t do something soon. 

I’ve had crushes before, like on this guy Conor who was a lifeguard at our pool.  But that was more from afar.  He didn’t even know who I was.  To have someone as incredible as TC paying attention is something I never imagined happening.


katyroo says:

Ooh, Taya! We always said at summer camp that the “out of town” guys were cuter than the boys at home. And guys with accents? Double-cute.

Glad you’re staying a little bit level-headed about him (and not posting names) – hope it works out!


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