That China Girl

{May 27, 2011}   OMG: The Sequel

Dad was here.  And he wrote a LETTER!   I am so sorry.  All that business stuff is BEYOND boring.  I told him, but he said he wanted it to be EDUCATIONAL. 


At least now, both he and my Mom have had their chance.  Dad says it’s good I have this blog so we’ll have our early memories of China written down.  I’m not so sure of that.  

 It was interesting to read what he had to say though.  Especially since it’s not always what I hear.  He’s all I’m Mr. Positive and I’ve got it all worked out.  But sometimes it doesn’t sound that way.   Like when he’s trying to communicate with our driver Mr. Wang and it’s just not happening.  Dad’s face is turns fuschia and I worry the vein in his neck is going to explode.  And sometimes after I go up to bed, I can hear him and Mom talking.  Then it doesn’t sound like his Chinese partner is Mr. Wonderful.  It sounds sometimes like he’s Mr. “I’ll-Do-What-I-Want-And-You’ll-Just-Deal,”  and Dad has to just smile and tell his bosses back home that things are going great, even though they’re not so great.

Right now he’s got this book on his bedside table:

Dad’s big on positive thinking and visualization, so maybe this is what he’s trying to do.  I just haven’t heard him like this with other new jobs.   I guess I always figured his success was easy — he’s never had anything but, or says Mom, he wouldn’t have gotten all his promotions.  

 Somehow I’m afraid this place is going to be different.


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