That China Girl

{May 24, 2011}   Character study…

Not much time to write today…. I’ve got my first test in Chinese –Putonghua, we call it here. Right now, I’m trying to memorize characters, and I keep confusing words the character for “I: with another one that looks just like it. 

 At the moment, I think I know like fifteen characters and what they mean.  The challenge is writing them.   You can’t just copy what you see, you have to do each line (they call them “strokes” in order. 

I think this guy here gives a pretty good introduction to how confusing it is.

BTW: I only know a few of the characters at the left, but I thought the picture was cool so had to go with it.  

Anyway, I’ll give you all an update after I finish tomorrow.  Wish me luck!


Katy M says:

Wow! Good luck, Taya – I never got beyond the ‘Jing’ of BeiJing because it’s on so many car license plates…

Katy M says:

that’s the only reason I could always recognize it, but not sure if I could write it correctly!

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