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{May 20, 2011}   China baby theft

There’s a woman at our compound who fosters babies.  Yes, you heard that right.  She actually takes in Chinese babies that need help for months at a time.  And not just any Chinese babies.  These are the kids that have all sorts of things wrong with them.  They’ve got organ problems, or a cleft palate (that thing where their lips look split), or they were born so small no one thought they were going to live.  Some are even mildly retarded.  But they all have one thing in common — they were abandoned by their parents at some point and ended up in an orphanage not too far from here.

I don’t know how the woman, who’s name is Pam Something — I think she’s a little older than my Mom — first found out about them.  But all I can think when I see her with another broken or sick-looking baby, is that she must be a saint.  Sometimes, she’ll keep the babies for six months or more — taking them to have operations. Sometimes, she gets them so healthy that other American women want to adopt them. Mrs. G next door, says she’s never seen anything like it.  She also says she’s seen Pam crying after the babies are gone or have been put up for adoption.

What’s got me thinking about this was a story I read while I was doing research for social studies.  As a main part of our grade, we have to do a paper on something about China. Pretty broad.  The idea is to learn more about the culture here.   I instantly thought about adoptions, because I remembered a woman back home who had come all the way to China to get a little girl.  They tend to dump their girls, sometimes, what with the one child policy and all — Chinese people want sons — which was why our driver was so disappointed when Dad told him I was his only child. 

Anyway, in doing the research I find this story on how some of the kids that foreigners are adopting are actually stolen from their parents.  Hard to believe, but I guess the people who steal them can make so much money — like hundreds of dollars for the kids they steal.  My guess is none of them have the problems Pam’s kids do, or no one would make money on them.  

I can’t imagine how  awful it would be to have your child stolen.


Katy M says:

Yeah, the US workers who built the Embassy did lots of volunteering/building for an orphanage that took in children with medical problems, provided the operations, and prayed for adoptions (

What have you heard about the generation of Chinese only-child boys who are growing up with not enough girls to marry?

And as to having your child stolen… wait til my May 25 blog post! You just have to read that book!

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Taya says:

Oh, I can’t wait to read your post. This baby-stealing — and my neighbor says it’s been going on for years — is too sad!

As for the boys with not enough girls to marry — I’ve heard that too. Don’t know who they’re going to marry. My friends and I don’t think Chinese guys are hot at all. So it’s not going to be us!

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