That China Girl

{May 19, 2011}   Crime and punishment — on the telly

It’s not like I’ve ever been somebody who watches that much TV, or telly as Mrs. Avery from London calls it.  When my parents would turn the news on back home — and I ask you could anything be more boring than the news— I was outta there.  Given the choice, I’d always rather be on the computer. 

Besides it’s not like I expected there would be anything I was interested in on Chinese TV.   I couldn’t understand it anyway.   But yesterday when I was eating breakfast, Mom had something on (she’s using the TV to work on her Chinese) and all of the sudden, the program showed all these people the police had arrested.  They were lined up with their heads bowed down and the cameras just panned over them again and again.  It was very bizarre.   And they looked so embarrassed.  It was a Chinese channel so I had no idea what they were saying, but it just seemed like they were on TV in handcuffs for a long time.   Not like at home, where they show the suspects once and the camera moves away. 

Anyway, it almost seemed like being paraded on TV like that would be punishment enough.  I couldn’t find  out what that channel was, but I found another clip.  This one was of a bunch of people arrested after some riots in Tibet a few years ago.  Tibet and this other place up in the Northwest are where they have lots of riots, mostly because there are people there who aren’t technically Chinese and want to live differently, I think.

Anyway, I’ve been trying to post that video, but surprise, surprise it won’t go in.  So here’s a link.  And here’s a pic of the suspects.

What I hate about this one is it shows the people being forced to walk bent over and sign confessions right in front of everyone.  It’s awful.  Not to mention, kinda mean.   Haven’t they heard of cruel and unusual?   

 I think China is the last place you’d want to get arrested.


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