That China Girl

{May 17, 2011}   Omg!

What was I thinking?   Having Mom guest blog?   Balls and party dresses?  I am so sorry.

Yes, Lesia, you warned me, but I was clueless.

I’m just glad that I logged on and just had her fill in her post.  I never told her the title, so I don’t think she can find the blog again.  I want to x the post out.  But I can’t do it until the end of the month or else I won’t get credit for 31 days. And the writer whose sponsoring this said there would be prizes.

Yowza!   I mean, I guess I should just be glad she didn’t tell the story about her most recent day out with the girls.  It was this embarassing “day at the races” or something.  The Australian ladies  hosted this lunch at a hotel, where I guess they all wear hats and watch some horse race that is going on in Australia.  How hard up for fun do you have to be? 

Mom was like sloshed when she got home.  She had this big purple hat (she kept saying it was, turquoise, her color!, but it was purple) .  It was lopsided and had a big bunch of flowers on the right side and they looked like they’d gotten a workout over the day.  Like she’d crammed into a car and they got smashed or something. (smashed along with everything and everyone else, I guess.)

I don’t think Li Ayi knew what to make of her.  Mom was being all lovey and fun, like everyone was her friend.  Except she was talking in slurred English.  And since Li Ayi knows about six words of the language when it’s spoken properly — of course she was at a total loss.  I was at a total loss.  Meanwhile, Mrs. Avery and Mrs. Storm looked similarly drunk — only since Mrs. Avery was British, her hat — a smallish ivory thing with black accents and some netting — had at least weathered the day.  I was going to say weathered the storm — but that reminded me of Mrs. S.  and she looked worse off than my Mom.   Her mascara was smeared like she was crying, actually. 

I kind of made myself scarce and ducked upstairs after some polite preliminaries, and they just kept on talking.  When I sneaked down a little later, I saw Mrs. S., coming out of the bathroom, and her eyes were wet.  Mom and Mrs. Avery were still out in the kitchen laughing, and Mrs. S., sort of nodded to me and straightened up and hurried back to join them. 

When I brought the dog back in, the three of them were still out there carrying on.  Through a crack in the door, I saw the party had continued with a bottle of wine, except now Mrs. Storm’s shoes were off and her feet were on the table, next to her hat.


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