That China Girl

{May 12, 2011}   School continued…..

Okay.  Finally.  A minute to write this.   I’m still not wild about this place. The school, I mean.  Yes, I no longer want to jump off my roof, but I still think this is a really strange place.

But Mom says, “you’re too fussy,” and Dad says, “give it a chance.”    So I guess for now I have to suck it up.

I would write more about it now, but I also have like tons of homework — math that I learned two years ago,  practicing a Chinese character and writing about where I’m from (real original assignment I know.   So I’ll have to tell you about China International Academy tomorrow.

Yeah, that’s really the name, if you can believe it.  CIA.  I’m surprised the Chinese allowed it.

Here’s a picture of part of it in case you’re wondering.  Kind of cool that they have picnic tables and that pagoda thing, but so far it’s been too polluted even for the teachers to eat out there.


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