That China Girl

{May 11, 2011}   School sucks!

I had my first day of school yesterday and I still don’t know how to write about it.

This says it all:

I mean, really!

I don’t know even know where to begin, except to say I want to move home.  This is supposed to be a freaking international school — you know, tolerance and that crap.  And all I get yesterday is a bunch of shit about, “oh who do you Americans think you are that you can just go into a country and kill somebody?”

Osama bin Laden was a murderer, people!  Were we supposed to sit down and have fucking tea with him?

Argh!  I still can’t even really talk about it.  Ambushed at lunch by a bunch of judgy Eurofreaks.

I’m don’t know how I’m going to stand another day of this.  Forget a year.  I won’t.  That’s the thing.  I don’t care if this is Dad’s big moment.  I can’t DEAL with people like this!


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