That China Girl

{May 10, 2011}   Beijing haiku

Remember before I said this blogathon has theme days?

Well, we’re at another one.  Today I’m supposed to write a haiku.  A hai-what?  That’s what I thought until I looked it up.  Here’s the def:

a Japanese poem of 17 syllables in this order, 5, 7, 5.

Anyhoo, mine’s a riddle.   Something my Dad told me he learned from a book he read about China.  Can you guess the right answer?

No birds in the sky 

Is it the weight of the haze,

or  history’s fault?


Katy M says:

Oh, just wait till wintertime in Beijing when they really start firing up those neighborhood coal-burning power plants! The soot would creep past the window seals and settle on everything, even the clothes in closed-up dresser drawers!

I did love seeing the older men taking their pet birds in cages to ChaoYang Park for morning tai chi exercises…

Taya says:

I’m not sure I’m ready for coal….

Hey, did you figure out my haiku riddle?

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