That China Girl

{May 8, 2011}   The air that we breathe….

So we had one of those scary air days yesterday.  I mean scary, as in my Mom didn’t want me to even go out because of the pollution.  We’re talking filmy, coal-smelling, can barely even see down the street bad.   It was this brown sort of yellow.  Like we were looking at old black and white pictures that had faded.

I remember before the Olympics when the US bikers showed up in the airport with masks on and everyone, got all, “oh that is so rude to your Chinese hosts.”   Now I get it.

So instead of sitting in the house looking at it (it was a weekend after all) , we had Mr. Yang drive us out towards the country.  A place called Mutianyu, which is close to the Great Wall, which we did see through the distance.  Through the fog. 

No actually, the air was a little better there.  But not good enough that we wanted to get out and actually walk in it.  Dad wanted to, and I would have done it.  But Mom got all hyper.  It wasn’t worth it.    So back we came.  

Here’s a photo of what it looked like:  

 See what I mean about the color?

Anyway, I went and looked online and found this old video about how it’s even worse outside the cities where they do tons of manufacturing and stuff and no one sees it, so no one cares.   Check out this old BBC report.  Am surprised I could call it up from here.

Kinda freaky.   Mom is already worried about our lungs.    A little late for that.


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