That China Girl

{May 5, 2011}   What’s up with poo?

Okay,  I promise no more potty blogging after today.

But sometimes a picture does speak a thousand words:

I mean, I know they save money on diapers.  But would you want to walk behind this kid?

Just asking.


Katy M says:

Eh, when they’re outside,the moms carrying a baby usually just lean over, get the kiddo positioned so that, um, baby’s “product” goes straight into the street gutter, and go on with life.

Gotta wonder about what they do when inside those tiny apartments, or in the stairwells, or… I don’t want to think about it any more.


Tia says:

I LOL at this picture. But, I must admit… as a mom who has potty-trained three daughters, a part of me wondered where these great underwear were when I needed them!!!

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