That China Girl

{May 1, 2011}   Will blog for …. gulp … a month????

In case you haven’t noticed the big pink sticker over there under the girl who really doesn’t look like me — that’s for the blogathon. What’s a blogathon, you ask? It’s this crazy thing I just signed up for where I have to write something every day for a month. I thought it might make me write here even when I don’t want to. I think there’s more than 200 people doing it. So wish me luck.

Like you care, right?

This REAL writer named Michelle Rafter is in charge of it. You can find out more here if you want.


Well, I understand from a couple of perspectives. My dad was in the US Air Force, so we moved all the time, leaving friends and pets behind. And my husband built the US Embassy in Beijing 2005-2008, so I went over there 4 times a year (13 roundtrips). Have you gotten over to WangfuJing shopping street yet and seen the scorpions on a stick in the traditional foods area? Yeahhhhh. It’s a way-different world.

Taya says:

Hi Katy,
Thx SO MUCH for stopping by. That’s cool that you’ve been here so many times and that your husband built the embassy. I didn’t realize it was so new. What happened to the old one? 13 round trips seems like a lot of long boring flights. The one I took over here felt like forever. But then I hate flying so maybe that’s the problem. We have been to Wanfujing, though I’m embarrassed to say we went to the McDonald’s there, cuz my family was with our neighbors who have little kids. I didn’t see the scorpions on sticks, but that’s okay because we went to a grocery store with my ayi and there were all these gross fish and wormy things you could buy to eat. It stunk so bad I couldn’t wait to leave. I like some Chinese food like Kung Pao chicken (or gung bao jiding they call it here) and dumplings are okay. That makes me sound fussy doesn’t it? Probably cuz I am 🙂 Bummer that you had to move so much as a kid, but I have friends here like that. Did you live anywhere cool? One girl, LeeAnn, had to leave her cats when she moved to London, since animals have to be locked up for like 6 months before they let you have them again. That seems harsh.

I can’t wait to see your blog. I tried to go to your blog, but couldn’t get there because the link didn’t work. I’ll try again now.

Katy M says:

Whoops! Try this address for my blog (can you tell that I just started it??) – Blogger is the tool, Blogspot is the place.

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