That China Girl

{April 16, 2011}   Hello world!

 Okay.  I always think that “hello world” is so lame.   But that’s kinda what I feel like now over here. In China, that is.  Like hello super modern normal world.”  World that doesn’t have all these skinny Chinese guys  running around with no shirts,  pulling pots of tar behind them on a bike.  Or everybody  squatting on the ground.  And spitting.  All the people over here do it.  Like it’s a greeting or something.  Hello, blech!  This old grandma that pressed against me when we first arrived at the  airport and almost spit on my foot. She was holding some baby who’s got a hole in his pants and I can see his butt.  My Mom says, oh that’s so they don’t have to wear diapers.  And I’m like, what, so now he’s going to piss on me?   How is that an improvement?  I just picked up my computer bag and got out of there. 

So yeah,  can you tell I’m freaking out? I mean, I’m stuck here.  I actually live in CHINA.   Beijing!  It’s been a week and I still really can’t get my computer to work.  I’m pounding the keys and sometimes it just freezes. So if this post, like breaks off in midsentence  you’ll know what happened.  Sorry Mrs. Farrell.  She’s my English teacher. The one who said I ought to start a blog.  To write about all my “experiences.”  She gets all excited when she says that.  Like my parents and all the other old people, who think China is this exotic land.   Why don’t they move here instead, is what I’m thinking.  Normally, I hate writing, but I am SO  bored.  I’m sitting in my new bedroom looking out at the street and all I see is gray, gray gray.  There  absolutely no one around.  Unless you count the security guards.  There’s like tons of them.  Standing out on the street corners in their green police uniforms  — guarding what exactly?   Maybe they’re the reason no one’s out.  It’s creepy.  Dad says more people will get here when school starts next week.   They still haven’t come back from the summer.  Looking around it’s easy to see why.  This place is dead. 

I should probably tell you about me.  I’m a sophmore in high school (and I’m not writing that so some perv can look me up and try to friend me on facebook, so just know that!).  And I don’t have black hair and wear hip hugger skinny jeans, like the girl on the blog.  Unfortunately, that was the only theme that wasn’t completely lame,  so I’m kinda stuck with her.  If I could post a picture of me, my hair would be shorter and a little frizzy, though it’s flattened out with the dry heat here.  It’s kind of a ropey color of brown, I guess they call it dirty blonde.  I’d probably change the green background on the blog too if I could. Sorry, Lesia if you’re reading this. I’ve already learned that over here, green isn’t such a hot color.  Like there’s something about a green hat.  If a man wears it, that means his wife cheated on him.  Weird!

Oh, shit!  Just when I get on a roll, Mom’s calling me for dinner.  I should have known since I  could already smell the garlic all the way up here.   Last night I was dying the food was so spicy.  I know, I shouldn’t complain because we have a cook and that’s all so la de dah.  But yuck.  I just want a burger.


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